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JCSDA, Inc. is a non-profit, IRS Section 501(c)(3) organization providing search and rescue services to the Kentucky Area 6 region and surrounding areas. Government funding alone does not provide the "Margin of Excellence" demanded by our progressive society. JCSDA's region covers eight counties in Kentucky and we will respond as mutual aid outside of the area, if requested. JCSDA has professional individuals with innovative training and essential equipment to effectively do our tasks.

Our Mission

The Jefferson County Search Dog Association is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to provide qualified search and rescue dogs and handlers to assist requesting agencies in searching for individuals who are lost, victims of flash floods, tornados, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

How Our Dogs Work

The search and rescue dog's usefulness lies in the fact that every human being has a scent caused by the constant shedding of dead skin cells from the body. Trained SAR dogs use either trailing or air-scenting techniques to find people.

Trailing dogs search for specific individuals by following the scent left on the ground and surrounding vegetation. They are helped by the items of clothing or other personal belongings containing the individual's scent, such as a pillowcase.

Air-scenting dogs scan the air for any human scent, not just the scent of one particular person. They can be deployed quickly in disaster searches for victims after a tornado, earthquake or flash flood.

...24 Hours a Day ...

....7 Days a Week.....

..365 Days a Year..

Each handler on the team gives 117 hours minimum for specialized training before being able to be an active search team member. Each member also maintains his or her own search dog(s) and equipment to provide a minimum of 48 hours self-sufficient service.

If you would like to be a member of our team please contact us at

Police, Fire, EMS, EMA, and Sheriff - Call JCSDA as soon as a report of a missing person is received.

Caregivers, Nursing Homes, Daycare Centers, Loved Ones -

         (1) Call your local police or 911.
         (2) Call for JCSDA at 502 314-0061 or 502 969-9316.
         (3) For lost Alzheimer's person also call Safe Return at 800 221-1277.

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