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Flight Ops


The UAS or “drone” team provides air support and overwatch for missions. All JCSDA UAS pilots are Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Certified. JCSDA drones incorporate Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) cameras to see heat in pure darkness, have the ability to fly and drop small payloads such as a water bottle/first aid kit, create 2D/3D and vegetation maps, and live stream their video to ground assets to provide unparalleled situational awareness. Not only does the drone team support Search and Rescue, we also support neighboring fire departments with scenes such as brush fires, hazmat, water rescues, commercial structure fires and accident mapping. Drones provide similar support as helicopters but are much more cost effective and do not place human lives in dangerous situations.

Flight Ops Contact

Justin Hilliard

Sergeant, Chief UAS Pilot


Team Emergency/Dispatch Numbers
502 314-0061


502 969-9316


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